Design U - Research and Strategy: Fall 2018 Project with Rodel Q Photography

In fall of 2018, I was incredibly fortunate to work as the project lead for one of the teams in Design U. For the project, I managed communication with our business client, organized bi-weekly meetings with my team, and coordinated weekly task lists. The infographic was created using canva software and focuses on the strategies employed in the design process.


Design U - Research and Strategy: Spring 2018 Project with Sprinkles & Confetti

This infographic reports on the work my team performed in the spring of 2018 for Sprinkles and Confetti. Graphic Design for the poster was done by Ben Dobkin. Research was conducted alongside Tessa Loeck, Abigail Butzine, Chase Chapple , Ben Dobkin, and myself. This project allowed us to perform strategic research on S&C's target market, conduct a SWOT analysis, take part in a Design Thinking Cross Pollination with over fifty colleagues, and design a profile creator in Typeform that is now live at









Microbiome and Health Graphic using Canva Template

This infographic is from a project in my Computational Biology course that sought to explain information about the microbiome to a lay reader in a creative, logically formatted manner.