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5 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

5 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

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Travelling is often such a whirlwind experience, especially when it is for extended time periods. A few weeks backpacking Thailand, spending winter in Costa Rica, or maybe a semester of study in Italy; each moment of that experience is going to precious. Creating something beautiful out of those moments is just the next level of appreciation. I love looking back at my Travel Journal from being abroad. From the list of "Favorite Little Moments" to the daily reflections and montage of tickets and postcards that line the pages. These are a few reasons to inspire you to start your own.


1. The Chance to Reflect. When each day is packed with a new adventure, it can be hard to find time to actually reflect on what you've been doing. Those few seconds of appreciation and consideration allow you to truly take in your experience and remember it better later. 

2. An Opportunity to be Creative. I love finding new ways of challenging myself creatively. From taking on new hobbies for a try to, you know, creating a fancy travel journal (fancy is a term used loosely here). Sometimes it can be easy to get in a rut of the same old habits but giving something a try that you don't have experience with, can really tie into the whole point of traveling - to try new things! 


3. An Organized Way of Saving Nick-Nacks. Back in the day, I had several (yes, more than one) big corkboards hung on my wall that would be covered head to toe in movie tickets, receipts from fancy dinners, concert passes, and the likes. Fast forward a few years and I am a bit more selective in what I save but not by much. I don't have room for big boards, though, so I make do with using my mementos for scrapbooking and journaling.

4. A Way of Remembering. Lets be honest, it's impossible to remember all the things you do in a week. It's hard to even remember what you had for lunch. How will you possibly remember that hilarious joke your friend said at a bar in Barcelona or the adorable old lady you talked to in line at the Prague Castle Cafe? I love keeping a list of "Favorite Little Moments" for that reason. These things are generally too small to write a whole entry about them and I rarely have time anyways. But returning to the pages of mini-memories I wrote always brings a smile to my face as I'm suddenly back in the street corner I wrote it down.

5. Something to Share with Family and Friends. Depending on the page, of course, I'm happy to show off my journal to those I care about! Telling stories and reminiscing with those I traveled with is also always that much better when I have pictures and mementos to go with it. It also makes a fun subject for other creative outlets seeing as journals make adorable additions to any book shelf or travel display. Even pictures of journals, though slightly redundant, are so fun to take! Each of which, you're of course likely to share with visitors and friends.

The next time you are exploring the world, off on a new adventure, try taking the extra time and care to journal your experience. Future you will thank you for it and I guarantee reminiscing will inspire so many more escapades down the line. 

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